Delta Web Services provides advanced analytics and engineering services that empower clients to harness the power of data, design thinking, and agile software development to overcome their most complex operational and technological challenges. Our consultative services and outcome-focused design and digital engineering expertise enable clients to expedite time to value, industrialize data insights, and align their technology and work culture. Irrespective of the stage of their business and technology cycle, we adopt an integrated, human-centered design approach that enables clients to gain valuable insights and unlock new revenue opportunities.

We provide top-of-the-line analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform solutions, a culture that emphasizes design thinking, and a trademarked approach to an innovation known as Motivational UX™. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients have access to the most advanced technology, and the support they need to effectively implement it and drive business results.


Our senior teams are comprised of premier talent in strategy, design, and software engineering, with 80% of them holding advanced degrees. This ensures that our clients have access to the highest level of expertise and knowledge when working with us.

Our team is capable of delivering a 100-fold improvement in algorithmic performance for an autonomous driving engineering team, through our advanced techniques and expertise in this field.

We are a globally recognized agile development organization with a wealth of experience in successfully launching hundreds of digital products. Our track record speaks for itself and demonstrates our ability to deliver digital products to market successfully and efficiently.

On-time delivery for the manufacturing firm saw a significant improvement, increasing by 50%. This was achieved through a combination of process efficiencies and improved coordination among teams.

Our Offerings

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Delta Web Services is a premier provider of web-based solutions and services, with a focus on delivering advanced data analytics. Our team of experts employs a range of sophisticated techniques and tools, such as statistical analysis, machine learning, and visualization, to extract valuable insights and information from large datasets. The insights gained through our data analytics services enable our clients to make well-informed decisions and propel their businesses forward. We are committed to turning data into actionable insights and supporting our clients in achieving their business objectives.


Business Analytics

We are a premier provider of business analytics solutions, offering a range of sophisticated services to organizations seeking to gain valuable insights into their operations. Our team of experts possesses a deep understanding of advanced data analysis techniques and tools and applies this knowledge in the development of customized analytics solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether your organization is seeking to improve financial performance, optimize marketing strategies, or streamline operations, our business analytics services provide the necessary insights to drive success. We are dedicated to turning data into actionable insights and supporting our clients in achieving their business objectives.

Business Analytics
Process Analytics

Process Analytics

We are a leading provider of process analytics solutions. Our team of experts specializes in utilizing advanced data analysis techniques and tools to help organizations understand, measure, and improve the performance of their business processes. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized analytics solutions tailored to their unique business requirements. Our process analytics services provide valuable insights into process efficiency and effectiveness, helping organizations to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Trust us to turn your data into actionable insights and help you optimize your business processes.


We serve consumer-facing internet businesses across and geographies with our Lean and Agile approach

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Harness the combined power of Google Cloud and DWS expertise in managing mission-critical workloads and transformations.

Amazon Web Services


Modernize, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DWS and AWS.



Modernize for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DWS and Microsoft.



Modernize, unify and secure your hybrid and multicloud environments with DWS and IBM.



UiPath streamlines processes, uncovers efficiencies and provides insights DWS and UiPath.

AT&T Business


Innovate confidently with high-performance network services designed for next-generation solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Unlock data value and drive innovative digital experiences with edge-to-cloud, as-a-service solutions.



Transform from data center to cloud-to-edge with DWS and VMware.

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Our deep expertise in end-to-end marketplace solutions helps B2B and B2C e-commerce players alike







Frequently asked questions

Analytics is the process of systematically analyzing data to uncover insights and inform decision making.

Data Engineering is the process of collecting, storing, transforming, and organizing data to enable data-driven decision making.

Some of the main tools used in Analytics include: Excel, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, R, and Python.

Some of the main tools used in Data Engineering include: Hadoop, Spark, AWS Glue, Airflow, and Apache NiFi.

Analytics is focused on using data to inform decision making, while Data Science is a broader field that encompasses the process of extracting insights and knowledge from data through a combination of mathematical and statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and domain expertise.

Data Engineers play a critical role in the Analytics process by ensuring that data is properly collected, stored, and organized, so that it can be effectively analyzed and used to inform decision making.

Key skills for a Data Engineer include: proficiency in SQL and at least one programming language (e.g., Python), experience with big data technologies (e.g., Hadoop, Spark), and expertise in data storage and processing.

Key skills for an Analytics professional include: strong data analysis skills, proficiency in at least one data visualization tool (e.g., Tableau, Power BI), and the ability to effectively communicate insights to stakeholders.