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Delta Web Services (DWS) Consulting offers a range of solutions that effectively mitigate complexity and drive progress through the implementation of agile governance programs and change effectiveness frameworks. Our approach is tailored to align with an organization's unique business strategy and employees' skillsets, enabling them to effectively control and leverage their data to design new business ventures and superior digital experiences. These efforts can lead to increased profitability and reinforce a differentiated market positioning in the industry. Our expert guidance and expertise in navigating the complex process of digital transformation ensures that our clients are well-equipped to successfully navigate the competitive business landscape.

Prove value and scale with success

We provide a range of solutions that enable organizations to conduct effective human-centered research and design, while leveraging the appropriate enterprise technology to demonstrate value, engineer, integrate, and operate with scalability and flexibility. We help our clients digitize, automate and augment customer and employee experiences, to improve asset and labor efficiency across various functional areas, including Human Resources, Facilities and Administration, Procurement, Products, Platforms, and IT. Our expertise and approach help organizations to improve their operations and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Our Offerings

Experience Consulting

Experience Consulting

Effortlessly create fresh concepts to maximize value creation, with an emphasis on enhancing the overall stakeholder experience through collaborative efforts, guided by the goal of co-imagining and delivering client-specific, unique solutions.

Operations Consulting

Strategize, conceive and execute solutions that enhance the fundamental business processes, elevating the quality of results, and minimizing the inefficiencies and expenses of resource-intensive operations.

Operations Consulting
Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Pioneer the design, engineering, and integration of tech platforms, encompassing data management, intelligent systems, automation, and IT efficiency, to ensure long-term flexibility and resilience.


Our deep expertise in end-to-end marketplace solutions helps B2B & B2C e-commerce players alike

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Harness the combined power of Google Cloud and DWS expertise in managing mission-critical workloads and transformations.

Amazon Web Services


Modernize, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DWS and AWS.



Modernize for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DWS and Microsoft.



Modernize, unify and secure your hybrid and multicloud environments with DWS and IBM.



UiPath streamlines processes, uncovers efficiencies and provides insights DWS and UiPath.

AT&T Business


Innovate confidently with high-performance network services designed for next-generation solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Unlock data value and drive innovative digital experiences with edge-to-cloud, as-a-service solutions.



Transform from data center to cloud-to-edge with DWS and VMware.

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We serve consumer-facing internet businesses across and geographies with our Lean and Agile approach







Frequently asked questions

Consulting is a professional service provided by experts to help organizations improve their performance in various areas such as strategy, operations, technology, or human resources.

Consultants analyze an organization's problems, identify areas for improvement, and recommend solutions to help the organization achieve its goals.

Companies hire consultants for their expertise and fresh perspective, to provide objective advice, and to help with specific projects or initiatives.

The main types of consulting include management consulting, strategy consulting, technology consulting, and financial consulting.

Management consulting involves advising organizations on how to improve their overall performance and operations, often by identifying and addressing specific challenges and issues.

Strategy consulting focuses on helping organizations develop and implement effective strategies to achieve their goals and compete in their respective markets.

Technology consulting involves advising organizations on how to use technology to improve their operations, processes, and systems, and to achieve their business objectives.

Financial consulting involves advising organizations on how to improve their financial performance, often by identifying and addressing specific financial challenges and opportunities.

The consulting process typically involves several steps, including understanding the client's needs, conducting research, analyzing data, making recommendations, and implementing solutions.

Key skills for consultants include problem-solving, critical thinking, strong communication, project management, and the ability to work well under pressure.